Wind Atlas of Iceland

Work Packages 2: Wind Power In Iceland

Leader: Halldor Björnsson, IMO

A Wind Atlas based on an optimal combination of wind measurements on land, wind estimates from satellites (over sea) and model results will be generated. Statistical methods will be developed to analyse the model results and correct for model-observation biases. Wind power potential will then be calculated based on the wind and an estimate will be made of the total wind potential for energy use in Iceland.

This wind speed mapping, along with general land use criteria and icing predictions from work package 1 will then be used to identify and enumerate potential wind farm sites and perform a rough estimate of their size. Based on these results 5–10 suitable sites for wind farms in Iceland will be selected.

A comparison will be made of the cost of wind power with other renewable energy options in Iceland, including scenarios where wind and hydropower are integrated. Furthermore, an analysis will be carried out of the Icelandic high voltage transmission network with respect to possible wind development, especially the possibility of large-scale wind power development in areas with strong transmission links and close to hydropower options for backup.